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News - Clairville Closure Run

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Date Posted: 2014-05-31 19:28:08

On Thursday 23rd October there will be a 'Smile Mile' at Clairville. Basically, the 'Smile Mile' will be an informal/non-competitive mile run on the track. All are welcome to run the 'Smile Mile'. I will ask Byron Matthews if he is happy to lead the first lap of the mile, this will hopefully set the right tone for the run i.e. informal/non-competitive, also Byron was present at the opening of Clairville back in 1963. The final lap bell will ring 10 minutes after the start at 7:15pm, this will signify the final lap for everyone left on the track. On completion of a final lap everyone will be asked to remain in the stadium and stand on the cycle track in front of the stand (the stand will likely be out of use on the night).. Thereafter, Byron will be asked to run 350m with a baton that we're getting commissioned to symbolise the move from Clairville to the Sports Village. After Byron has run 350m i would like Byron to maybe say a few words and then hand over the baton to young athlete that symbolises the future and the new track and for the young athlete to run the final 50m.